Big Thanks to Sydney Fish Markets for allowing temporary berthing of ‘Aegir’ our 800AD replica Gokstadt Viking longship.  We are able to continue the preparation towards ocean going trials.  PHBC is looking for a more permanent situation to continue preparations.  Thanks also to Colin Wishart and crew of FV Kingfisher of Deep Sea Charters for the vessel movement on the day.




Norwegian Royals

An invitation to the Norwegian Royal visit in Sydney of King Harold V and Queen Sonja presented an opportunity for the club to connect with our Gokstadt replica Viking Ship ‘Aegir’ roots.

At the reception to celebrate Australian Norwegian relations held at MCA Sydney Queen Sonja presented her photographic exhibition, Inspirational Encounters in Norway. Music was performed live by Haykon Kornstad.

Our Treasurer Michael Bolton-Hall met the Kings Brigadier. Brigadier Nils Petter Granholt is also the for’dhand for King Harold on his many sailing adventures. The Brigadier is also from the same area in Norway where the original Gokstadt ship was found. He was excited to realize one of only three Gokstadt replicas is here in Sydney.

The Brigadier said he wanted to keep in touch and start to build a relationship with our Norwegian counterparts.

The Royals on Sydney Harbour



Click here to see another crew practising rowing into 15knts of wind. We have two of these 7m practise boats so that crews can match each other in any weather. The crews will soon become proficient for the challenge of the 23m Viking Ship Aegir. Call Michael on 0419 433 761 for practise every Saturday from midday.