The sole boards must come up and reveal the bilge of the ship in order to make good ballasting, bailing and maintenance.

Our community partners from Communicare Inc.‘s Work Experience team can be seen here removing hundreds of 3-inch copper screws from the Jarrah boards.  The method used ensures 90% of the valuable screws can be used again and the sole boards refitted in a manner suited to a sailing vessel.

The reason for this work is to enable access to the inside of the hull or bilges. The ship was used as a charter vessel and has had the bilge plumbed as a house and the sole (floor) boards fastened down.  The removal of the vast plumbing works will enable the ship hull to be maintained to a safe standard.

The varied skills of the work experience participants have been used to come together on this part of the project that required close team work, inventiveness and pure hard work.  They have achieved a great result saving the valuable fastenings and timber to be reused.

Posted by Michael Bolton-Hall


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