It’s Official!

Yes it has been a long time coming, but finally, the PHBC is officially a charitable organisation. All donations are now tax deductible and we will be going full steam ahead to get sponsors for the Jorgen J.

In other breaking news the Planning Minister has sent us a email telling us he has instructed SHFA to facilitate our move into permanent premises at 1 Bank st. Now we just have to wait for the property to be remediated. Get on with it SHFA – WE NEED A HOME !!

Clover gave us a rap in parliament – hear it here –

We also have exciting new early school leavers and refugee harbour introductory programs in the offing. Our work experience program is running well under the stewardship of Michael Bolton-Hall who is single handedly supervising, counselling and training a group of long-term unemployed people.

Posted by Martin Van der wal


2 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Greetings folks, I had heard that the JJ had found a good home in Sydney. Great news! and great too to hear that there is community support. I was fortunate enough to have been the skipper of the JJ in the delivery of the boat from Fremantle to Cairns around the top in about 1990. I’m in the throes of writing an account of that voyage. We confirmed what is reported in Wikipedia, that the hull form was not suited for sailing in large seas with the wind behind! She became directionally unstable at speed and required cognisant trimming of the tack line! Highest speed we reached was 16 knots but completely out of control- a real Nantucket sleigh ride!
    Anyway I wish the project and the ship great success and next time I’m in Sydney I’ll come visit
    Jay Lawry

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