Strange Coincidences on the Slipways

Australian National Maritime Museum, Noakes and Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club are collaborating to present the replica Gokstadt Viking Longship, ‘Jorgen Joregenson’ at the upcoming Viking Exposition at the ANMM from September 2013 to February 2014.

The vessel was slipped at Noakes shipyard recently to start the works of painting and repairing for the presentation on September 19th.  From the outset a great sense of excitement was created for all involved especially a couple of young shipwrights finishing their apprenticeship time now together again with the Jorg Jorgenson.

Coincidentally the two young men are now working on the ship they first worked on in 2006 as part of a youth program in Maritime Studies instigated by Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club.  Ben and Andrew and a couple of their mates were inspired by what they experienced during the program and went on to complete shipwright trades.

We hope these two young men and friends will continue to look after the ship that has endured many setbacks in its life so far.  They now have the skills necessary to provide the ship with a future filled with endless possibilities of life’s adventure, learning and friendships forged by a common goal.

Our youth programs and more recently work experience programs continue to engage people in Maritime culture, work practices and social engagements.  Thanks to the cooperation of many organisations over the years and new partnerships forming legacies left from the past will continue to inspire us all in the future.

Posted by Michael Bolton-Hall


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