Communicare Inc.

PHBC would like to acknowledge the invaluable long-term support that Communicare Inc. Rozelle have provided the club’s Viking Longship Project.

Back in 2010, Hanna Marzec from Communicare immediately saw the unique potential of the Viking Longship Project to engage with program participants and the broader community, and, together with the club, developed work experience programs connected to the ship. Since then, Communicare have provided three years of committed and passionate interest in the Viking Longship Project and related PHBC activities. Without their support the club would not have been able to engage the participants that we have. Other organisations such as the Salvation Army have since joined to support these programs.

We are thrilled that Communicare have also extended ongoing support for this exciting project as it moves into new stages of activity and engagement on Sydney Harbour and offshore.


One thought on “Communicare Inc.

  1. Having seen these programs between PHBC and Communicare working first hand I believe from talking to people involved they give a sense of purpose. I have seen people enter into new training for work that opens doors for a brighter future. I have seen people get involved with cultural events and this helps with their network of supportive friends.

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