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Since 2005 we at the Pyrmont Heritage Boating Club have worked to link local communities in Sydney’s Inner West to the culture of Sydney Harbour. Visit our website for more about the club and projects.
The PHBC mission is to:
  • Provide community access to harbour culture.
  • Engage youth in heritage, community and maritime industry.
  • Revive inner-city community boating

As a registered charity/not-for-profit organisation, the club offers sailing and boat restoration outreach programs for the community at large.


History and Context of the PHBC’s Strategic Operations Plan:

PHBC has a number of operational platforms that underpin the overall direction of the club’s community services. The club’s key mission statements show that we are supporting revival of inner city boating activities with an emphasis on youth engagement.

Since incorporation in 2005 we have essentially achieved this basic aim. The club now has a number of clear operational platforms that will sustain our initial development. The platforms consist of a number of projects that have funding attached and are underway, and a number that are pending funding applications.

The first platform – developed in 2005 through funding from Sydney City Council (SCC) – for a Youth Mentoring program was highly successful. It now operates under the management of a number of educational and community organisations, including the PHBC. We are known in this area of youth development by many community organisations, and subsequent platforms underpin and develop this initial program.

The second platform consists of the two Long Boats and other boat training vessels that are used in supporting the first platform of Youth Mentoring. In 2009 the NSW Sport and Recreation funded the upgrading of the Long Boats, enhancing their operational capability. The funding was for a $60,000 project over two years duration, with half the project cost supplied by the club. These vessels provide sail and oar training services that support the development of our key mission and other platforms. The project was finalised in August 2010.

The third platform consists of the Waterman Boats and subsequent business venture funded by Community Builders NSW in 2010 to begin mid year for an outright $45,000 project to restore / build two waterman type rowing boats and develop a subsequent eco tourist vessel hire operation. This platform will enhance the youth mentoring programs and create another avenue of engagement in society.

The fourth platform consists of a Fleet Building funding application proposal to NSW Sport and Recreation to the value of $413,925 partnered, pending in mid 2010. The project consists of three phases including in order of priority, firstly the building of a specific requirement Fleet Rescue/work vessel ($104,850). Secondly the building of two Atlantic Youth Challenge Gigs ($229,050) and thirdly the building of three Cadet Dinghies ($80,025) for sail training/racing. This Fleet Building platform will enhance the youth mentoring pathways and give the community more access to activities in general.

The fifth platform is a Community Education initiative. An application is pending for $10,000 to NSW Sport and Recreation for a program of volunteer sail trainers and youth participants to undergo Yachting Australia training and Silver Card membership.

The five platforms give the club a range of connected activities that engage our key mission.  The plan gives us a direction and clear project outcomes to achieve in the community for the future. It will offer capital infrastructure to the Bank Street site development for our boat building and skills workshops.

The current priority project is the development of the Viking Ship as a world class, restoration, skills training and mentoring program. The club’s core asset can then be fully utilized, bringing high visibility, publicity, and follow-through for promotion of the previous five platforms plus enhancement of the clubs community capital-raising ability.


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Big Thanks to Sydney Fish Markets for allowing temporary berthing of ‘Aegir’ our 800AD replica Gokstadt Viking longship.  We are able to continue the preparation towards ocean going trials.  PHBC is looking for a more permanent situation to continue preparations.  Thanks also to Colin Wishart and crew of FV Kingfisher of Deep Sea Charters for the vessel movement on the day.



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