If you are enthused by the potential of this project to make a change in the life of participants now and in the future please contact us to discuss opportunities.

The club invites participation from all sectors, individuals, and organisations – Any donations of time, money or materials will help ensure the success of this project. Our project is specifically targeted at disenfranchised portions of our society. Its uniqueness lies in the romance and adventure implicit in the Long-Ship and the ability to attract and retain participants throughout the length of the restoration period and beyond, as the vessel becomes a vital and viable mentoring, training and leadership programme. We have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many people and we invite you to join us on the adventure.


Sponsorship Opportunities:

We are seeking corporate, organisational, and government sponsors who can see that this unique high visibility project will offer long-term benefits to many individuals and the community at large over the immediate and the longer term.

Sponsors are offered opportunities for having their organisation/brands associated in perpetuity with this high visibility, high participation program.

Oars – The ship carries 32 oars. We are seeking sponsorship for each oar at $10,000 per oar. The sponsorʼs name or logo will then be permanently placed on the hull above the oar-hole.

Mast – $50,000 and your name or logo prominently displayed on the mast.

Yard – $40,000 your name or logo on the yard. (The long spar to which a square sail is attached).

Sail – $ 40,000 your name or logo on the sail.

Naming Rights – The shipʼs name is up for sponsorship bids over $350,000. The name of your choice will be carried on the ship in perpetuity (subject to approval).

Smaller donors can have their name or logo listed on a bronze plaque affixed to the ship in a prominent position.

We also welcome in kind or labour donations, which will entitle the giver to be an active participant in the sailing and use of the ship.

All donations are welcome – large or small.

(Please note that all branding displayed on the ship will be clearly visible but in a scale and character not detracting from the authenticity of the ship. Filmmaking will be an intrinsic part of all four phases with continuous website interactive updates. Donors can expect wide-ranging opportunities for brand referencing and product placement in gratitude for their support).


Some of our “early adopter” Sponsors include:

Communicare provides vital community services to over a quarter of a million Australians a year, supported by over 200 staff and volunteers across approximately 80 projects. With 20 sites across Australia and more to come, Communicare is leading the way in community caring for community.

“Here at Communicare we are very excited to be part of the Long-Ship Project. We have graded it as one of our National Programs and through our previous and ongoing association with the dedicated volunteers at the PHBC we can trust that our clients will develop skills on all levels. This project is unique in my experience and our clients are very keen to engage with this exciting adventure.” 

– Communicare family and Employment Services, Work Experience Manager, Hanna Marzec

SSRE -New South Wales’ leading ship repair and refit facility – has kindly given us two free slipping periods over the past few years. The most recent was in March 2012. See video footage of that slipping here.

“It was our pleasure to assist your group in the recent slipping of the club’s Viking vessel. We are please to advise that your members conducted themselves in a truly professional manner and left our site in a clean and tidy manner at the completion of the works.

In these difficult economic times it is hard to accommodate everyone and everything but it gives us great pleasure to know that we are in some small way assisting youth that is not as fortunate as some and we trust that we can assist you again in the future.

If it were of any interest we would be prepared to offer young people who are interested in the marine industry with some work experience in the shipyard or on our fuel barge from time to time. This opportunity may assist your members in introducing them to a potential career in the marine industry and give them some positive direction for their future.”

-Operations Manager, SSRE

  • Sydney Vikings

The club has forged exciting connections with a number of medieval re-enactment societies around Sydney. These societies have significant man-power, numbering in the hundreds, that they are enthusiastically offering to the project with the long-term objective of joint activities revolving around public displays of Viking Culture. We are looking forward to working with them as their knowledge of medieval technologies, dedication to authenticity and mentoring experience with youth at risk make them valuable partners in the project.

See photos of their fabulous re-enactments at the opening of ANMM Vikings – Beyond the Legend Exhibition, alongside our ship, here.

“I wish to extend to you the ongoing support from Polaris Marine for your organisation. If we can assist in some small way with our services it would give us pleasure to help.

Giving youth the opportunity to enjoy a maritime experience that they may otherwise never be able to have is an admirable thing to do. 

Good work.”

-Kevin Lidgard, General Manager, Polaris Marine Services

A fantastic sponsor for the Vikingship project – Jotun Australia. They have offered to provide all coatings and expertise for the life of the project.


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